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Psychotherapy & Counselling
in Cambridge

Sometimes things seem too much, or the ways we’ve learned to cope aren’t working anymore and something needs to change. These can be upsetting and need to be managed urgently, but they are also opportunities for personal growth.

This is a general psychotherapy and counselling practice working one-to-one with adults suffering from a wide-variety of difficulties.

Being in therapy

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I work psychodynamically, meaning we take your experiences early in life seriously and think about how they might permeate your current states of mind and relationships. But treatment isn’t about why you may be experiencing psychological pain. Childhood is a point of reference. The thing is getting hold of the complex emotions you feel – showing they can be tolerated and thought about, at first by me then increasingly by us both, and gradually brought under your control.

The regular and reliable sessions help contain situations that feel out of control quite quickly, and will rebalance you over time.

If there is one thing to take from reading this, it’s acceptance. We take feelings as they are, although they can be extremely difficult. And we take your personal history as it is, in confidence and without judgement.

About me

My office is on a quiet lane between Midsummer Common and the Grafton Centre in Cambridge, but I also work online supported by a reliable internet connection and specialist training for Online Therapy.

I have seven years experience working with a broad caseload.

Qualifications and accreditations: MA (St Andrews), 4-year PGdip Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (WPF/Roehampton), 1-year Certificate in Counselling Skills (WPF), Member of the British Psychoanalytic Council, and Member of the Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Special Arrangements for Covid

Social distancing and hygiene arrangements are in place to allow for work in the room when necessary. As the spring progresses, I hope clients will see it as more normal to commit to holding sessions in the room.

First Steps

Please make contact, as below, to organise a time for a brief telephone conversation. This is to decide if an initial consultation would be useful. At initial consultation sessions, whether in-person or online, we discuss your situation and needs, and talk through your personal history. The objective is to find the right treatment for you. Sometimes a number of sessions are held before we decide whether to:

. Start open-ended psychotherapy, aimed at moving the deep-seated causes of psychological pain, and start to re-align you with yourself and other people.

. Start counselling for a limited number of sessions, usually not fewer than 16, aimed at easing a particular difficulty.

. Consider referral to a colleague or a specialist service.

Initial sessions are £60 each. This will be the cost until we have agreed on the correct fee for you based on a number of factors including your financial situation.

Please allow 75 minutes for the initial consultation. Then all sessions are 50 minutes.


My office is at 44 Salmon Lane. There is a flight of stairs up to the office.

The lane is accessed from Fair Street and the Grafton West car park.

Buses from many directions stop nearby, including from the Cambridge city park and rides, and Cambridge station, which is a 25 minute walk away.



Telephone: 07973 977 026