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Psychotherapy & Counselling
in Cambridge


We all struggle, but we can examine our damage, fears and wants, and gradually ease their hold on us. I offer confidential psychotherapy and counselling to help people with a wide range of psychological needs. I am based in central Cambridge, but conduct open-ended Psychotherapy and time-limited Counselling online as well.


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Treatments focussed on managing the symptom can be a good place to start – perhaps you already have – but therapy here is a wider project. I will always attend closely and gently to distress and what lies behind it. We do the same, as you choose to bring them, with your present situation and relationships, and with your past, including the experiences that formed you as a child. My approach fully accepts the often extraordinarily difficult situations and feelings that bring people for treatment. We work patiently processing them and, in time, this gives you a firmer sense of the ground you stand on. But coming here is a commitment. In return you can expect to be heard deeply, accurately, non-judgementally and confidentially for as long as you need.

This sort of concentrated attention is very rare. To be able to offer it, I have had a long and demanding training, including years in analysis myself. I have worked as a psychotherapist for six years with a diverse caseload in terms of presenting problem, gender, race, sexuality, and socio-economic grouping. For part of this time, I had the experience of supporting people with disabling mental health conditions in therapeutic groups and in the community.

My office is in the centre of Cambridge, but I work a lot online supported by a reliable internet connection and specialist training for Online Therapy.

I see clients one-to-one on a once-weekly model, although I can offer more frequent sessions when needed.

My qualifications include MA (St. Andrews), PGDip Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (WPF/Roehampton), Certificate in Group Facilitation (Gestalt). My work is regulated by the British Psychoanalytic Council. I am also a member of the Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling.

The first step to starting therapy is to contact me to arrange a brief telephone conversation. We may then agree to meet for an initial consultation.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations are an opportunity for you to see if therapy here is likely to be helpful. They give me an outline of your situation and personal history, and help me think about what your needs may be from treatment. Since this is a general practice, so we work with whatever you bring. However, sometimes it may be better for to ask clients to consider a referral to a colleague or alternative form of treatment following an initial consultation.

The first sessions are £60 each, until we have agreed on the correct fee for you based on a number of factors including your financial situation.

Please allow 75 minutes for the initial consultation. Then all sessions are 50 minutes.

Here are some thoughts incase it would be helpful to have a wider sense of what sorts of therapy are available and who can provide them as this can be confusing.


My office is at 44 Salmon Lane. There is a flight of stairs up to the office.

The lane is accessed from Fair Street and the Grafton West car park.

Buses from many directions stop nearby, including from the Cambridge city park and rides, and Cambridge station, which is a 25 minute walk away.



Telephone: 01223 350 173