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    Psychotherapy and Counselling in Cambridge

    Professional help to contain emotional crises, to think again about how you cope, or to pursue your personal development.

    What happens in psychotherapy?

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    We think about how you experience relationships and the situations life brings. Early life, when many of the mind’s expectations were set, is something I will be thinking about, but treatment is not about why you may be experiencing psychological pain. The thing is getting hold of complex, sometimes unmanageable feelings; noticing patterns and learning by direct emotional experience in the therapy itself. 

    Most people find the regularity and focussed attention steadying and satisfying. But naturally you bring the feelings you need to work through, and this can be hard. My job is to manage the environment so it is confidential, accepting and open. This will help you access things you hadn’t known about yourself, helps you know where you are and gives you choices. This is extremely effective for dialling-down pain and stress.

    I practice Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, a revised approach to psychoanalysis, developed particularly in the light of clinical research with children. Where psychoanalysis can require five sessions a week, in psychodynamic psychotherapy we typically have one session a week, and can do short courses of treatment (psychodynamic counselling) to contain specific problems. More can be read about it on the British Psychoanalytic Council website.

    About me

    psychodynamic psychotherapy

    I work one-to-one with adult patients on a wide range of presenting issues.

    To support this, I have had seven years clinical experience with a broad caseload in both public and private settings; extensive training, and psychoanalysis as a patient myself.  

    The office is on a quiet lane in central Cambridge, but I can also work online if particular circumstances, such as mobility difficulties, require.

    Qualifications and accreditations include: MA (St Andrews), 4-year Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (WPF/Roehampton), 1-year Certificate in Counselling Skills (WPF), Member of the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC), and Member of the Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling.

    Special Arrangements for Covid

    Social distancing and hygiene arrangements are in place to allow for work in the room.

    First step

    You are invited to make contact and arrange an initial consultation so we can see whether working together would be right for you.

    The initial exploratory sessions cost £60 each. The fee going forward is discussed and agreed.


    The office is at 44 Salmon Lane, and is up one flight of stairs.

    The lane is accessed from Fair Street and the Grafton West car park where there is paid-for parking. Buses stop nearby, including from the Cambridge city park and rides and the railway station, which is a 25 minute walk away.



    Telephone: 07973 977 026