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Counselling St Ives

There are a range of private psychotherapy and counselling options available, and people often call on them following the short courses of treatment available free of charge through the NHS and IAPT:
. There is some good quality psychotherapy and counselling available in-person in the St Ives area.
. Advances in technology mean online counselling, in particular, can now be offered and is working well.
. This page is addressed to clients in the St Ives area, because you are in easy reach of central Cambridge and having wider choice available may be helpful to you.
Therapy is intensely personal and being in the room together counts. It also requires confidentiality and coming to a nearby town will enhance that.
This practice is located between Midsummer Common and the Grafton Centre in central Cambridge.  There is reliable parking in the Grafton West carpark, and buses from St Ives stop within 3 minutes walk.
If you feel it could be a useful option to come here for your therapy, please make contact.