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Psychotherapy & Counselling
in Cambridge


We all struggle, but we can examine our damage, fears and wants, and gradually ease their hold on us. This is a general psychotherapy practice providing confidential help with personal and emotional problems. I offer three sorts of therapy: open-ended Psychotherapy, time-limited Counselling and Online Therapy


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I work with people in a wide variety of conditions from depression or anxiety to eating disorders, to stress from a particular life situation, recovery after breakdown, or needing to deepen and calm their understanding of themselves and their relationships. At this point in my career, I don’t want to specialise, but, like a medical general practitioner, I can make referrals for specialist treatment where necessary. 

My clinical interests include trauma, especially its transmission between generations. When clients have the space to reflect calmly and in depth, it is clear that apparently minor repeated experiences can result in significant traumatic damage. Therapy is the best and only place to work this through.

My professional focus is helping people use the upsetting crises that occur in most lives as a way to a more rooted sense of themselves.

I have qualifications from WPF Therapy and Roehampton University in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, from the Gestalt Centre for work with groups, and specialist training in online therapy.  Alongside my five years treating a diverse group of clients, the most important aspect of my formation was as a patient in psychoanalysis myself. Having been very deep in the process, I can support clients better as they give space to find, and speak, what is there in them. This level of experience in rare in a psychotherapist trained to see clients once or twice a week. Work with a psychoanalyst who will have this much personal experience, at three, four or five sessions a week is an unnecessary level of commitment for most people.

I am a Member of the British Psychoanalytic Council, and my work is regulated by them.

Initial Consultation

The first step is to arrange an exploratory consultation. These are an opportunity for us to think about your situation, personal history, and the right treatment. It can be helpful to meet with more than one therapist as people’s styles of work vary considerably.

Initial consultations are £60 each and this will be the rate until we are able to agree the correct fee for you. The fee varies according to factors including your financial situation and the time of day that you need to come. I do offer some low-fee places: open-ended psychotherapy are currently full, but there are places for time-limited work.

Please allow 75 minutes for the initial consultation. Then all sessions are 50 minutes.


My office is on Salmon Lane in central Cambridge. The lane is accessed from Fair Street and the Grafton West car park.

There is a flight of stairs up to the office. Please let me know if this presents a barrier to accessing therapy as other locations may be possible.

Buses from many directions stop nearby, including from Cambridge station. 



Telephone: 01223 350 173