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Types of therapy I offer

Open-ended Psychotherapy

There are times when it’s necessary to examine what has happened in our lives, and work through the emotional factors affecting us. Often, but not exclusively, these are at times of crisis. Psychotherapy helps contain crises and seemingly unmanageable emotional states that may be long-lasting, and approaches them as important opportunities for personal growth. Treatment is open-ended to allow space for a lot of the self to be examined, often, returned to, and slowly made more manageable.



Counselling is therapy held once a week over a pre-agreed number of weeks. It can be important and efficient at times of trouble. We usually focus on a specific issue, for instance a predicament you are in or a symptom such as anxiety. We look at how your life experience and unconscious emotions determine how you are approaching things. This increases your freedom to think and act.


Online Therapy

Meeting online is different from meeting in person, but it is very helpful, especially during the Covid-19 crisis when it is impossible to meet in person. It uses straight-forward and secure technology. Clients from anywhere in the UK are welcome for online counselling.


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